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Premium WheelTracker 5949 for construction testing

    Premium WheelTracker 5949


    The Premium WheelTracker

    The WheelTracker is manufactured out of about 93 percent stainless steel and it is used to test the wearability and water damage potential of asphalt mixes.

    By simulating roadway conditions in a controlled environment and using a Linear Value Displacement Transducer to measure deformation of a sample over 11 equally spaced points at 158 lbs. of pressure (adjustable).


    The Balluff Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) transducer supplies robust and accurate rut depth measurements. It works with the index plate to generate root-mean-square error (RMSE) values significantly below AASHTO standards for rut depth measurements.

    The Index Plate provides laser accuracy for location of rut depth measurements and works with the Balluff LVDT transducer to generate RMSE values significantly below AASHTO standards for rut depth Measurement

    The WheelTracker has a variable-speed motor and slider-crank mechanism that generates RMSE values significantly below AASHTO standards for sinusoidal motion, and lasts longer than a Scotch yoke mechanism.

    Temperature control allows you to test at a variety of temperatures, from 77oF to 158oF (25oC to 70oC).

    TroxLiftTM provides a compact lifting method and is easy to use. TroxSafeTM stops the machine quickly to prevent injury, and rapidly resets to allow testing to continue.

    Measurement Information

    US Standards AASHTO T324 (current and proposed)
    Rut Depth Measurement 0 to 1.57 in (0 to 40 mm)
    Water Temperature 59oF to 158oF (15oC to 70oC)
    Wheel Dimensions (D x W) 7.99 x 1.85 in (203 x 47 mm)
    Wheel Weight 158.5 lb (71.89 kg) ±1
    Wheel Speed 36 to 60 passes per minute (PPM)
    Measurement Location Eleven equally spaced positions over 9 in (228.6 mm)
    Measurement Frequency

    <4,000 passes = every 20 passes

    ≥4,000 passes = every 50 passes

    Real-Time Display Temperature, maximum rut depth, speed, test duration, rut profile


    Model Options

      Standard Premium


    (L x W x H)

    57 x 45.25 x 40.5 in                  (144.78 x 114.94 x 102.87 cm) 64 x 54 x 56.5 in                      (162.56 x 137.16 x 143.51 cm)
    Weight 1,450 lb (657.71 kg) 1,500 lb (680.39 kg)
    Motor 1 hp 2 hp
    Electrical Single-phase Three-phase

    Operational Requirements 

    Water Must comply with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drinking water standards
    Drain ≤14 in (355.6 mm) from floor
    Air 90 to 120 psi
    Electrical 208/230 VAC 50 to 60 Hz


    The testing environment temperature can be set between 15°C-70°C and cannot be set less than room temperature. The machine has three testing modes: wet, dry, and an optional air heat. The whole system is controlled by a PC & PLC system with easy-to-use, custom-designed software on a Windows computer. If you have any questions about the WheelTracker, please contact your Troxler representative.