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Laboratory Asphalt Permeameters

    Laboratory Asphalt Permeameters


    Laboratory Asphalt Permeameters measure the hydraulic conductivity of saturated 6in (152mm) diameter asphalt cores or laboratory-compacted specimens using the falling head method. The simple, easy-to-use method is based on procedures developed at the Florida DOT. A version for 4in (102mm) test specimens is also available but does not meet the sample size requirements for the test method.

    An asphalt sample is secured by expanding discs inside a cylinder lined with a replaceable latex membrane. A self-contained manual pump provides a vacuum to draw the membrane against the cylinder during sample placement, as well as pressurizes the membrane during testing to fill voids and eliminate flow down the outside of the specimen. A dial gauge displays pressure applied by the hand pump. Permeability of the prepared specimen is determined by the timing flow of water from the included 500cc Manometer through the sample. Two Latex Membranes are included with each Permeameter, and additional membranes are available as accessories. For more permeable samples, a larger capacity 2,000cc Manometer is available. Replacements for the standard 500cc Manometer Tube are available as well.

    6in (152mm) diameter permeameter tests 6in samples and meets Florida DOT FM 5-565 specifications.

    4in (102mm) diameter permeameter tests 4in samples but does not meet the sample size requirements specified in FM 5-565.


    • The simple design uses a falling head method to determine the hydraulic conductivity of asphalt cores or lab compacted samples
    • Convenient dial gauge displays vacuum or pressure applied by hand pump

    Included Items:

    • 6in or 4in Laboratory Asphalt Permeameter
    • Two 6in or 4in Latex Membranes
    • 500cc Manometer
    • Self-contained Hand Pump