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Temperature and Humidity Control for 

Concrete Moist Rooms

UltraMist Curing Room Moist Control System

The UltraMist Moist Room Control System is designed with precision and reliability in mind, this system ensures optimal conditions for concrete core samples, meeting ASTM C511 specifications. The temperature and humidity control system effortlessly regulates room temperature at 23°C ± 2°C and ensures a consistent relative humidity above 95%, employing an efficient misting system through a mist bar and nozzle assembly. 

Effortless Control, Superior Conditions, and Advanced Sanitization

The seamless integration of an automated moisturizing cycle, combined with advanced air atomization technology, results in a steadfast environment, ensuring specimens consistently retain the required moisture levels. Monitoring is facilitated by the LCD touchscreen controller, while real-time data logging captures temperature and percent relative humidity readings, providing a foundation for in-depth analysis.

Main Screen
Setpoint Change Screen
Log Trend Charts ‐Real time logging

Key Benefits

  • Temperature Control per ASTM C511

    Maintains temperature at 23+/-2°C, meeting industry standards for concrete moist rooms.

  • Humidity Maintenance

    Ensures a relative humidity level of not less than 95%, preserving the ideal environment for concrete core samples.

  • Moisture Preservation

    Keeps core samples looking and feeling moist for accurate testing.

  • High Efficiency Water Management

    Reduces water usage significantly with an innovative and efficient system.

  • Easy Installation

    All required parts included for seamless setup.

    Control panel features a user-friendly LCD touch screen and a programmable logic controller (PLC).

  • Temperature and Humidity Data Logging

    Real-time data logging displayed on the control panel.

    Data recorded on a USB drive in .csv file format for comprehensive tracking.

Mist Bar

  • UltraMist mist bar and nozzles are proven reliable since 1979.
  • The 1/2”OD bars are easily connected with push‐fit technology.
  • 52 ft of mist bar is provided. A nozzle is located every foot.
  • The provided mist bar and nozzles cover a typical 10’ X 15’ room.

Facility Requirements

  • 110V 60HZ 20 amp outlet within 4 feet of the control panel
  • Dedicated 40‐gallon water heater set to a minimum of 125°F
  • Hot and cold water plumbed near the control panel

TriOBreeze Sanitization (Optional)

Enhance your kit with the optional TriOBreeze sanitization feature.

The TriOBreeze injects activated air (e.g., ozone) into the curing room, effectively cleaning and sanitizing the system at a lower cost compared to chlorine-based alternatives.


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