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Command Center

Concrete Maturity Monitoring

The easiest-to-use, most affordable method for monitoring concrete data 

COMMAND Center™ has saved clients millions of dollars and countless hours of construction time by tracking the maturity and internal temperature of fresh in-place concrete. Construction teams use COMMAND Center™ to expedite project schedules, reduce budgets, and satisfy project requirements for temperature or maturity monitoring.

How it works

1. Sensor

Attach the sensor to the rebar and start placing concrete.

2. Sensor Reader Module

Connect multiple sensors to a Sensor Reader Module and simultaneously collect data at your preferred time interval

3. AutoCollector

Add an AutoCollector to actively monitor your data from off the job site and to automatically collect data from local SRMs.


Use the free Command Center cloud to sync data across multiple devices, view maturity & temperature curves and more. Download the app here.

Easy Tracking of Temperature,

Maturity & Strength 

The Command Center Cloud provides secure data storage and the ability to assign user privileges to project files. Data files are encrypted, ensuring your data remains safe. You can share concrete temperature and maturity data immediately from the field via the Command Center cloud or email.

The sensors are designed for continuous data collection and storage for up to two years, with data recorded at regular intervals for accurate temperature differential comparisons. The sensors measure both temperature and maturity automatically, and the easy-to-use software allows users to examine complete temperature and maturity history data on an iOS device, Windows laptop, or computer.

The system includes a free licensed copy of ASTM C1074.


Receive real-time alerts via text message or email when your concrete approaches your temperature limits or achieves target strength.

Remote monitoring

Remotely monitor multiple pours with large distances between them.

Set up an AutoCollector on each pour to gather data from sensors and send it to the Cloud. 


  • Mass Concrete Placements

    Know the maximum internal temperatures and differentials as required by thermal control plans and job specifications.

  • Cold Weather Placements

    Ensure your curing techniques are keeping concrete warm enough.

  • Hot Weather Placements

    Ensure concrete temperatures don't exceed maximum values

  • Temperature Analysis

    View and analyze peak temperature data for individual sensors or multiple sensors at once.

  • Differentiate between sensors

    View and analyze temperature differentials between sensors.

  • Compare

    Compare data accurately across all sensors with data logged at common, uninterrupted intervals.

Maturity & Strength

  • Estimate In-Place Concrete Strength Faster

    From the concrete's internal temperature history, you can estimate its in-place strength, and can be used to prove that concrete elements in the field have achieved required strength sooner than expected. 

  • Improve Construction Methods

    COMMAND Center maturity monitoring improves construction methods, which decrease the risk of premature damage to concrete and costly repairs.

  • Increase Construction Safety
    By determining the point at which concrete has achieved sufficient strength to support the loads.
  • Cold Weather Concreting

    Contractors can use maturity monitoring to reliably estimate their in-place concrete’s strength based on measured data at the job site.

  • Meet ASTM and AASHTO standards

  • Quality Control

    Ensure delivered concrete is consistent and improve mix designs without compromising strength.


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