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Fogging Fans

    Fogging Fans


    Aquafog® Fogging Fans humidify concrete curing rooms up to 40ft (12m) long. The self-flushing system forces water through the fan blades, atomizing as the liquid exits the blades. High-speed centrifugal force and powerful airflow produce a high-quality fog with uniform distribution. The Foggers operate on ordinary water supplies with 10 to 100psi pressures, even well water, without the risk of clogging. Specialized pumps and filtering equipment are not needed.

    Aquafog Fans are engineered for extreme conditions of 100% RH in corrosive environments. Units are constructed with stainless steel hardware, polyethylene enclosures, and anodized aluminum. NEMA-4 connections are standard and the units are powered by continuous-duty wash-down rated motors.

    Flowmeter capacity is adjustable to suit coverage needs and models are available in 1–5, 1–11, and 1–15GPH (4–19, 4–42, and 4–57L) output. Higher capacity flowmeters increase fog output in larger rooms. A fogger with too much output may saturate wall surfaces while humidification remains inadequate. Proper humidification can also be affected by heating and ventilation systems, room air exchange rates, and other factors. Contact Gilson for advice on correct sizing for your application.

    GT 500 Fans are available in 115V/60Hz, 230–240V/60Hz "F" models, and 230–240V/50Hz "V" models. Fan output for all models is 2,00CFM (57cmm). Each unit is equipped with a hanger and U-bolt, 15ft (4.6m) heavy-duty power cord, 30ft (9m) waterline, 16ft (4.9m) drain line, and a Visual Flowmeter Panel. Rooms wider than about 24ft (6m) will have more uniform humidification with the use of the HMA-402 Oscillator, adjustable for up to 360° rotation.

    Aquafog® GT 500 models have a 1–5gal (4–19L) per hour fog output with a coverage area up to 680ft² (63m²). The 50Hz “F” model coverage area is up to 581ft² (54m²).

    OR a 1–11gal (4–42L) per hour fog output with a coverage area up to 1,400ft² (130m²). The 50Hz “F” model coverage area is up to 1,163ft² (108m²).

    OR a 1–15gal (4–57L) per hour fog output with a coverage area up to 1,600ft² (149m²). The 50Hz “F” model coverage area is up to 1,324ft² (123m²).


    • Self-flushing fogging system
    • Flowmeter panel controls the rate of water flow and fogging output
    • No special water, pumps, or filtering equipment is required
    • Can handle extreme conditions
    • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction
    • Polyethylene enclosure

    Included Items:

    • Aquafog® GT 500 (115V/60Hz, 230V/60Hz)