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Relative Density Test Set
Relative Density Test Set
Relative Density Test Set

    Relative Density Test Set


    Relative Density Test Set according to ASTM  is used for the determination of the relative density of cohesionless soil for which impact compaction will not produce a well defined moisture-density relationship curve and where the maximum density of impact method will generally be less than by vibratory method. The test is applicable to soils that may contain up to 15 %, by dry mass, of soil particles passing a No 200 (75-μm) sieve, provided they still have cohesionless, free-draining characteristics. Further, these test methods are applicable to soils in which 100 %, by dry mass, of soil particles pass a 3-in. (75-mm) sieve.


    Vibration Frequency

    50 Hz

    Amplitude Range

    Between about 0.20 mm and  0.48 mm

    Vibrating Table Type



    Relative Density Test Set consists of a electromagnetic vibrating table with controller, relative density mold sets ( 0,1 ft.3 and 0,5 ft.3) and relative density gauge set.

    UTS-0672A or UTS-0673A, Relative Density Mould Set consists of a mould,  circular surcharge weight with handle, surcharge base plate with handle and detachable guide sleeve with clamp assembly.

    UTS-0674A, Relative Density Gauge Set consists of a analog displacement dial gauge (50 x 0.01 mm division, 0-100 scale - UTGM-0132  ) with holder and calibration bar, metal 75 x 300 x 6mm set.

    UTS-0676, Cross Crane with Electric Motor is used for handling of surcharge weights for user health during the test. The Crane be anchored to a rigid wall and/or concrete ground.

    UTS-0678, Equipment for Amplitude Calibration of Vibrating Table consists of a software for vibration amplitude measurement, data acquisition (1000 record/second) unit, electronic displacement transducer (accuracy  0.0005 in. - 0.015 mm) and mount for displacement transducer (for mounting the transducer at the top of the mold. during the calibration )

    UTS-0675, UTS-0676 and UTS-0678 should be ordered separately.



    ASTM D4253 (Method 1A—1B), D4254


    Product Code


    Weight (approx.)


    1400x760x570 mm

    135 kg


    390x390x490 mm

    130 kg


    240x240x490 mm

    45 kg


    100x100x320 mm

    1,8 kg


    170x170x530 mm

    8 kg


    2100x1850x400 mm

    95 kg