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RTOFT - Bitumen Oven for Rolling Thin-Film Oven Test

    RTOFT - Bitumen Oven for Rolling Thin-Film Oven Test


    Rolling Thin-Film Ovens are used for determination of the resistance to hardening of semisolid asphaltic materials/ bitumen or bituminous binders under the combined effects of heat and air with the rolling thin-film oven test (RTFOT) method.

    The Internal chamber are manufactured from stainless steel, insulated with fiberglass or similar, the door has a symmetrically located window.

    The ovens have a programmable temperature controller which works in PID mode and digital display system. Grade A platinum resistance thermometer is used for measuring and controlling the temperature of the oven. The temperature can be read from the digital unit placed on the oven. Over temperature controlled by a mechanical switch. Conforming to the CE Directives.

    Air Compressor should be ordered separately. Maximum pressure should not exceed 2 bar when an air compressor is used.




    The Rolling Thin-Film Ovens are supplied complete with;

    • Glass Containers, 8 pcs.
    • Air-Drying Unit ( UTGE-3572 )
    • Transparent Hose, 8/5,5mm(OD/ID), 3m.



    800x700x750 mm

    Weight (approx.)

    62 kg