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Curing Cabinet

    Curing Cabinet


    The UTCM-1100 Curing Cabinet is used for curing of cement, concrete  or other cement based mortar specimens. The curing cabinet provides (20 ± 1)°C temperature and over 90% RH humidity. Internal chamber is made of stainless steel. The temperature is maintained by a heater and cooler unit which are supplied complete with cabinet.


    ISO 679

    The humidity and temperature can be controlled and monitored on the digital control unit.

    The Cabinet has a LAN port for connection to a PC.  Free of charge Utest Software (USOFT-1100) and a LAN cable supplied complete with the cabinet. Temperature and humidity data can be monitored and recorded in real time during the test by connection to a PC. With Utest Software, data can be converted to an excel report.

    UTCM-1100 Curing Cabinet is also supplied complete with six displaceable shelves.


    Internal Dimension

    1140x680x1370 mm

    External Dimension

    1400x800x2100 mm

    Weight (approx.)

    200 kg


    1200 W