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Magnetic Separators
Automagnet Separator

    Magnetic Separators


    Magnetic Separators quickly traps ferrous metals for removal from sample materials. Extraction prior to gradations or other tests avoids contamination, incorrect results, or possible damage to laboratory instruments.

    Magnetic Separator with Quick Release has a rubberized quick-release lever that provides a controlled release of recovered material from the 2.25in (57.2mm) diameter magnetic base. The rugged molded plastic construction is easy to clean and will not corrode. This Magnetic Separator has an 8lb magnetic capacity.

    Automagnet Separator has a simple spring plunger that has a hold-and-release action, and it permits extraction of magnetic material from dry or can be partially immersed in liquids. The powerful sealed Alnico V-six Pole Permanent Magnet is housed in a lightweight aluminum case.


    • Easy to use
    • Automagnet Separator can be immersed in liquids
    • Rugged and sturdy housing
    • Magnetic Separator with Quick Release has an 8lb magnetic capacity

    Included Items:

    • Magnetic Separator