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Accelerated Polishing Machine

    Accelerated Polishing Machine


    Accelerated Polishing Machine (PSV) is used to simulate the polishing action of vehicle tires on a road surface, for coarse aggregate which is going to be used as asphalt road surface covers.

    Abrasive Corn Emery is fed to the point of contact of the wheel on the test surface for 3 hours, followed by feeding Emery Flour to polish the surface being tested for a further 3 hours. Subsequent skid tests are carried out on the test samples using suitable portable skid test equipment.


    EN 1097-8; BS 812:114:1989

    UTA-0812 Corn Emery, UTA-0813 Flour Emery, UTA-0814 PSV Control Stone, UTA-0815 Friction Tester Reference Stone and additional UTA-0811 Specimen Mould with a Cover should be ordered separately. 

     The Accelerated Polishing Machine is supplied complete with;

    •  Specimen Mould with a Cover ( 1 pcs.)
    • Container - 2 pcs. For setting the mass ( one for flour and one for corn emery)
    • Allen Key Set
    • Rubber Rings ( 2 pcs.) 

    Road Wheel Speed

    315 to 325 r.p.m


    940x500x1840 mm

    Weight (approx.)

    235 kg


    850 W