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Ohaus Guardian 5000 Hot Plate Stirrers

    Ohaus Guardian 5000 Hot Plate Stirrers


    Ohaus Guardian 5000 Hot Plate Stirrers provide precisely regulated heating and agitation for liquid samples. Ceramic top plates supply even heat distribution from ambient +5°C to 500°C. The software-controlled magnetic drive system accurately controls mixing speeds between 60 and 1600rpm.

    Guardian hot plate stirrers feature SafetyHeat, an early detection system with two independent sensors continuously monitoring the hot plate. The system analyzes operation and shuts down the heater before an overtemperature condition occurs. A hot top indicator on the display protects workers by indicating when the heating surface temperature exceeds 40°C.

    Heater accuracy can be improved at a selected point using single-point calibration. Up to 3 calibration points for the plate and 3 points for the probe can be saved.

    The bright and easy-to-read LCD display shows large temperature and stirring speed settings for monitoring from across the lab and a prominent hot top indicator. The SmartHousing enclosure stays cool to the touch, resists chemicals, is easy to clean, and directs spills away from internal components. Other features include an on/off switch to disconnect the heater and a built-in support rod holder. Guardian 5000 stirrers have capacities of 15L or 18L and top plates support up to 14.5 kg (32lbs). Units operate on 120V, 50/60Hz. Models with the ”F” suffix operate on 230V, 50/60Hz.

    A temperature probe can be purchased separately to control the sample temperature.



    • SafetyHeat temperature protection system monitors electronics and prevents overtemperature conditions
    • Precise magnetic stirring speed range from 60 to 1600rpm
    • Includes an on/off switch to disconnect the heater
    • Built-in support rod holder
    • Large LCD digits display temperature, speed, and hot top indicators
    • Single Point Calibration improves heating accuracy at a set point
    • Three set points can be stored for the plate or optional probe
    • SmartHousing technology resists chemicals, is easy to clean, and provides protection of internal components

    Included Items:

    • Guardian 5000 hot plate stirrer
    • Power Cord
    • 3.8cm PTFE Spinbar
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