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Concrete Lab Management Starts with

DASK is a management hub for construction materials testing laboratories, where the right information comes together, streamlining your communications and processes.

The only all-in-one

powerful software you will need

Dask combines key lab information from data entry at the site, lab test results entry, digitized report generation to automated report distribution, and much more.
CCIL Compliant
Consistently generate reports such as weekly load rate, planeness & perpendicularity, and lab proficiency with ease.
Statistical Analysis
On-going statistical analysis and trend lines for each concrete mix design - provide concrete mix-specific analytics, flagging and QA/QC monitoring.
Users & permissions
Assign staff access simply by their roles and responsibilities.

Privacy Concerns
Your data and results are only accessible by your authorized users.
Optimize Lab Technician daily activities, maintain an online schedule of daily tests, and visually identify delays.
Establish an efficient lab workflow, including visibility of field samples in process, testing, reviews, distributions and billing.
Simplify the financial aspects such as billing and invoices for your materials testing laboratory, and add your branding to your reports.
Develop a secure, digital and easily searchable database of test results.
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Save up to $50,000/yr


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