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UTEST Compression Machine Features

Concrete compression testing is a critical process in assessing the strength and durability of construction materials. Whether you're conducting tests according to ASTM or AASHTO standards, these machines offer the reliability and efficiency required in construction material testing. With automation, accuracy, and safety at the forefront, UTEST continues to be a trusted partner in the field of concrete compression testing. 

Purpose and Standards

The Utest Automatic Compression Testing Machines, including models UTC-4701.FPR, UTC-4702.FPR, and others, are tailored for conducting compression tests on concrete cylinders as per ASTM C39 and AASHTO T22 standards. 

User-Friendly Operation

One standout feature of these machines is their user-friendly operation. Even inexperienced operators can efficiently perform tests. After the initial setup and specimen positioning, the process involves setting test parameters, pressing the START button, and letting the machine automatically conduct the test. This automation extends to saving test parameters and results for future reference.

Main Features

1. Pace Rate Control

Allows control of loading pace between 1 kN to 25 kN/s.

2. Accuracy Class A

Conforms to E74 standards, with a special calibration option starting from 1% of the full range.

3. U-Touch PRO Control Unit

Enables automatic compression, flexure, and splitting tensile strength tests.

Easy-to-use touch screen display with real-time load vs. time or stress vs. time graphics.

4. UTEST Software

Facilitates automated tests on a computer, offering reporting and graphical outputs.

5. Safety Features

Maximum pressure valves, limit switch for piston stroke, emergency stop button, and removable transparent safety doors ensure safe operation.

6. Models and Capacities

The machines are available in various capacities, from 600kN to 3000kN catering to different testing needs. The frame types are constructed with welded steel for durability.

Optional Additional Frame

For testing of standard cubes and beams, easy to use jigs can be inserted into the compression frame without having to remove the upper and lower platens. For specialized testing or larger or smaller beam or slab specimen, a second frame can be added onto the compression machines control unit allowing for control of two separate frames from one unit. 

For a detailed list of compression machines, please visit our UTEST Concrete Compression Machine page or contact our equipment experts at Measur for personalized advice.


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