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How to Choose the Ideal Sieve Shaker for Your Materials Testing Needs

Sieve Shakers streamline the process of testing construction materials like aggregates, sand, and soil, ensuring that they meet the required standards for strength and quality. These machines not only save time but also improve the accuracy and consistency of particle size analysis. By automating the sieving process, they eliminate human error and ensure that the results are dependable. 

Choosing the right sieve shaker is crucial for accurate results and efficient testing. Various factors, such as particle behaviour, noise levels, specific standards and budget constrains, need to be considered. Our guide will help you find the perfect sieve shaker for your specific requirements.

Particle Size Range

One crucial factor to consider is the particle size range of the materials you'll be testing. Some materials may require finer sieving, while others might have larger particle sizes. For instance, if you're dealing with materials ranging from 1 inch to No. 635 (25mm to 20µm), a versatile sieve shaker that can handle a wide range of sieve sizes like the Gilson Tapping Sieve Shaker might be an excellent choice. Its researched-based sieving action ensures sharp, repeatable separations across various particle sizes.

Noise Levels

In a laboratory environment, noise can be a significant concern, both for worker comfort and safety. If noise reduction is a priority, you might consider options like the Silent Sifter by Gilson. These laboratory sifters significantly reduce operational noise levels without compromising particle sizing accuracy. The Silent Sifter II goes even further, offering noise levels that are 16–18dB quieter than standard rotary sifters and 8–10dB quieter than the SS-21 Silent Sifter.

Capacity Matters

The volume of samples you need to process can vary greatly depending on your application. If you have a high sample throughput, you may require a sieve shaker that can hold multiple sieves simultaneously.  Gilson's Tapping Sieve Shakers, for example, can hold up to twenty 8in/200mm diameter half-height sieves with a pan, making them suitable for larger-scale testing.

Wet vs. Dry Sieving:

Consider whether you'll be conducting wet or dry sieving, as this can influence your choice. If you need to handle wet samples, the Wet/Dry 8in Sieve Vibrator is designed for fast separations of wet or dry materials using one or two 8in diameter full-height ASTM test sieves.

Specific Standards

Some applications may require compliance with specific standards, such as ASTM C136. In such cases, sieve shakers designed to meet these standards, like the Rotatap Motorized Sieve Shaker by UTEST, can ensure your testing procedures align with industry requirements.

Budget Constraints

Lastly, your budget is a critical factor to consider. While some advanced sieve shakers offer a wide range of features, you should balance your requirements with cost considerations. The Motorized UTEST Sieve Shaker provides basic functionality with an affordable price tag, making it suitable for those with tight budget constraints.

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