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Essential Equipment Required for Aggregate Testing

Aggregate testing is crucial in ensuring that the materials used in construction projects meet the required specifications and standards. To carry out accurate aggregate testing, it is key to have the right equipment on hand. In this blog post, we discuss the essential equipment required for aggregate testing and how each tool plays a vital role in the testing process. Whether you are a construction worker, geotechnical engineer, or materials testing professional, this guide will help you understand the equipment necessary to acquire reliable aggregate testing results.

- Sieve Shakers: motorized and vibratory sieve shakers agitate aggregate gradation samples, ensuring accurate results. Additionally, shakers come with various features including programmable settings, tapping options, and noise and dust control, making them an ideal choice for a variety of laboratory settings.

- Durability & Abrasion: durability and abrasion tests are essential for assessing the hardness, strength, and longevity of aggregates, which are critical factors in determining their overall performance. Skid resistance tests are also crucial for ensuring road safety. To accurately measure the wear properties of aggregates, Measur offers a range of advanced equipment, including Micro-Deval and Los Angeles abrasion machine, sodium sulfate soundness apparatus, and slake durability apparatus. These tools provide precise data on resistance to wear and freeze-thaw damage, which are vital considerations for maintaining the durability and strength of materials over time.

- Specific Gravity: accurate measurement of specific gravity or relative density is crucial for proportioning and batching asphalt and concrete mixes. Measur provides a wide range of tools for this purpose, including traditional flasks, pycnometers, vacuum pumps, weighing cradles, and tanks that meet standard requirements. For even greater testing efficiency, Measur also offers specialized equipment such as the Rice Shaker, Digital Pressure Manometer, and Specific Gravity Bench. This advanced equipment provide precise and reliable results to maximize productivity and ensure the quality of your materials.

- Angularity & Elongation: to determine the suitability of fine and coarse aggregates for use in asphalt and concrete mixtures, angularity and elongation tests are essential. These tests evaluate the shape and size of the aggregates to establish the uncompacted void content of materials for use in asphalt mixture designs. Measur offers a range of advanced tools for this purpose, including fine or coarse aggregate angularity devices, proportional calipers for determining percentages of flat and elongated particles. These precise and reliable tools enable you to accurately assess the quality and usability of your aggregates, helping you to optimize your mixture designs.

- Sand Equivalent Test: the sand equivalent test is important for assessing the amount of clay-like fines present in aggregates and granular soils. To perform this test, Measur offers a comprehensive range of testing sets that are ready for use in the lab or field. These sets include all the necessary components, such as graduated cylinders, weighted foot assemblies, concentrated stock solutions, and more. Individual components are also available and can be purchased separately. The motorized sand equivalent shaker is also available to agitate the sample for the test, ensuring accurate and reliable results. 

- Aggregate Washers: aggregate washers are essential tools for cleaning and preparing coarse aggregates for use in concrete and asphalt. These machines use water to remove impurities and contaminants from the surface of the aggregates, such as dust, dirt, clay, and organic matter. By washing the aggregates, the final product will have improved durability, strength, and overall quality. With advanced aggregate washers, you can ensure that your materials meet the necessary specifications and are free from contaminants that could compromise their quality and performance.

- Moisture Tester: accurate moisture determination is crucial for ensuring the quality and performance of soil and aggregate materials. Moisture testers they can ensure that your materials meet the necessary specifications and are free from excess moisture that could compromise their quality.

- Screen Shaker: screen shakers are used to perform particle size analysis of aggregates, soils, gravel and other granular materials. The shaker is used to separate materials of different sizes by subjecting the sample to a series of shaking motions. The sample is placed on a screen, which is then agitated at a set frequency and amplitude, causing the particles to separate based on their size.

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