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Keep Your Cylinders at the Right Temperature With the Perfa-Cure Curing Box

As the colder weather approaches, ensuring the optimal performance of your cylinders becomes crucial. The Perfa-Cure Curing Box is here to keep your cylinders cozy and warm. With precision, reliability, and ease of use, this curing box is your ticket to consistent and efficient curing processes, no matter the temperature outside. 

Why It Matters

During the initial curing phase, the concrete samples undergo the initial and final setting stages of the concrete mix, initiating strength development through hydration. This critical stage renders them susceptible to impacts, movement, and vibrations, emphasizing the need for the right location dedicated to this process. Likewise, concrete cylinders, can be sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Cold weather can affect the viscosity of materials inside the cylinders, leading to potential issues such as uneven curing, delays in processes, and even damage to the contents. Maintaining an optimal temperature is key to ensuring the efficiency of your cylinders.

The Perfa-Cure Advantage

The Perfa-Cure Curing Box  is not just a curing box; it's a reliable companion for your cylinders. Here's why:

Precision Temperature Control: The Perfa-Cure offers precise temperature control, allowing you to set and maintain the ideal conditions for your specific materials.

Uniform Heating: Say goodbye to uneven curing. The box is designed to distribute heat evenly across all sides of your cylinders, ensuring consistent curing results every time.

User-Friendly Interface: With an intuitive interface, the Perfa-Cure is easy to use. Set the desired temperature, monitor progress, and make adjustments effortlessly.

Compact and Portable: Don't let its power fool you. The Perfa-Cure is compact and portable, making it suitable for various settings, whether you're working in a professional lab or a DIY workshop.

Large Capacity: Whether you're testing individual cylinders or multiple specimens simultaneously, the spacious interior of the Perfa-Cure accommodates various sizes, streamlining your testing process.

The ASTM/AASHTO standard provides various viable choices for managing the initial curing environment, but a meticulously crafted curing box stands out as a comprehensive solution. These well-designed boxes come in various models, offering heating or both heating and cooling capabilities. Additionally, they provide options to incorporate water, damp sand, or damp burlap to prevent moisture loss. The inclusion of min/max thermometers ensures meticulous documentation of temperature levels throughout the curing period, a feature that comes standard with some of these advanced curing boxes.

At Measur, we provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for your project needs. We offer industry leading materials testing equipment that comes ready to use. Our technicians and sales representatives can help you choose the right products for your application while offering flexible rental options, and exceptional customer service.


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