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Digging into Soil Testing Equipment

Soil testing ensures safety by assessing soil stability for construction, identifying natural disaster risks, detecting soil contamination, and optimizing agricultural practices, which ultimately prevents accidents and disasters, potentially saving lives.

Geotechnical tests play a crucial role in civil engineering design by providing essential information about the properties of soil mechanics that impact the strength and stability of structures like pavements and embankments. These tests, conducted both in the laboratory and in the field, involve the use of specialized geotechnical testing equipment.

This equipment enables the determination of grain size, moisture content, and strengths of soil at different moisture levels. It also facilitates other important tests such as measuring the permeability of water or fluids in soils and ensuring proper compaction of engineered fills.

Proctor Compaction & Density Equipment
Proctor Compaction & Density equipment is used to determine the optimal moisture content and density of soil. This equipment utilizes compaction hammers and  molds to shape samples, enabling the measurement of compacted density and unit weights of soils. The test results obtained are crucial for controlling the placement and compaction of soil embankments and engineered fills. Measur also offers products designed specifically for testing the relative density of soil.

California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Equipment
CBR equipment is widely used for assessing soil strength both in laboratory and field conditions. In the laboratory, CBR tests determine the moisture content and strength of soil samples, while field tests measure the strength of soils in situ. These tests play a vital role in ensuring the stability and performance of structures. 

Consolidation Equipment
Consolidation equipment enables the evaluation of soil swell and expansion to determine the potential settlement under load. Measur provides a diverse selection of load frames, consolidometers, and other high-quality products designed to meet the testing standards set by ASTM and AASHTO.

Atterberg Limits
Atterberg Limits products facilitates the identification of the transition points from solid to plastic and liquid phases in cohesive soils. Through liquid limit, plastic limit, and shrinkage limit tests, these products establish the plasticity index, a crucial parameter in foundation design. These products strictly adhere to the testing standards outlined by ASTM and AASHTO, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Triaxial Shear Strength Equipment
Triaxial Shear Strength equipment is employed to evaluate the strength of soil under varying confining pressures. By utilizing a complete selection of triaxial testing cells, control panels, load frames, and accessories, engineers can accurately assess soil stability and design structures accordingly.

Permeability Testing
Permeability testing, also known as hydraulic conductivity, serves to determine the flow properties of water and various fluids within soil. This specialized equipment adheres to the standards set by ASTM and AASHTO, ensuring accurate and reliable results for a range of permeability test methods such as flexible-wall, constant-head, or falling-head techniques.

Direct / Residual Shear Strength
Measur offers advanced Direct / Residual Shear Strength test equipment for conducting Direct/Residual Shear Strength tests. These machines are specifically designed to accurately measure the resistance of soils against direct and residual shear forces. To enhance your testing capabilities, we also offer a wide selection of weight sets, shear boxes, and other essential accessories. These accessories can be customized to suit your specific requirements in terms of size, weight, test method, and adherence to industry standards.

Field Inspection / Classification Equipment
Field Inspection / Classification equipment allows you to estimate essential soil qualities such as moisture content, strength, density, and grain size.  Moisture testers enable precise measurement of moisture content, while dial and pocket penetrometers assist in evaluating soil strength. Shear vane sets aid in determining soil shear strength, and classification charts provide valuable information for soil classification. Additionally, meters and other specialized tools are available to support thorough and accurate assessments.

Load Frames
Load frames offer versatility with different strain rates to accommodate various laboratory soil tests. These Load Frames can be equipped with both digital and analog sets, providing flexibility in data collection and analysis. Designed to meet the demands of different soil testing requirements, Load Frames are ideal for conducting a variety of fundamental soil tests. These tests include but are not limited to CBR (California Bearing Ratio), soil cement, shear strength, unconfined compression, and more.

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